About Me

I have a long history of artistic endeavors since my early youth, beginning with custom car pin striping and sign painting. Received a scholarship and enrolled at Chouinards Art Institute, Los Angeles, Ca.

Pursued a career in law enforcement, proceeding through the ranks. Eventually was appointed to Chief of Police. Graduate of FBI National Academy.

After retirement, I became  active in a variety of  businesses and jobs. These included cedar shingle mill, organic avocado and cherimoya farmer, sand and rock mining, off road racing, kelp harvesting for organic plant fertilizers, anthropological tours and stone sculptures.

Khmer Road Sculpture was created to share with others the beauty of these serene, meditative and spiritual images. Two decades of visits to both the well known UNESCO World Heritage sites and the little known local sites and the viewing of there desecration and looting has encouraged me to try to bring world attention to the problem. Hopefully by bringing awareness through my examples, people can join together to help protect these architectural wonders and there cultural artistic contributions.

From these hand carved stone sculptures of iconic Buddhas, the Kakemono style scrolling posters has evolved. The copyrighted, photographic images of the original sculptures are now available. Vibrant colors, special deeply saturated inks on a newly developed silk-like fiber cloth, bring the Colorful editions to life. Look for the sepia tones, cracked and weathered antique oil painting effects on the Antique editions. The Calligraphy edition with a single oriental character can portray the essence of a sentence.